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  1. I brought home a beautiful 8-9 year old, tortie, feral cat.
    She shows no sign of being feral, none, and is just so happy and wonderful, but my 14 year old cat is peeing all over. I’ve tried everything and have spent $1,600 on tests, etc.
    After one year, I need to find the feral a new home.
    Can I post her picture and details anywhere?

  2. Hi Eleanor,

    I don’t know if you remember me – David Santos . I’m the one that kept CARTER, (Gina Pastorino friend). Are you are familiar with AMAZON SMILE? Any Amazon member can register their favorite charity and every time they make a purchase Amazon makes a small donation to that registered charity. I could not find your Pet Rescue listed. If you get your organization listed on Amazon Smile and let everyone know about it maybe it can generate steady donations.

    1. Hi David, thanks for letting us know about the Amazon Smile I’m going to look for Eleanor’s All my tomorrow’s on there too! I’m also a friend of Gina P. I’m so happy to know there are good caring people like you in this world. ❤️I will let others know as well.

  3. I see the website is taking shape and that is great! Julie and Andy, keep up the good work. One suggestion is to have an option to make a general comment without having to select one of the adoption options. Thanks

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